Zhilishchnoe Stroitel'stvo №9

Zhilishchnoe Stroitel'stvo №9
September, 2017

ДОГОВОР О ПЕРЕДАЧЕ ПРАВА НА ПУБЛИКАЦИЮ (ЛИЦЕНЗИОННЫЙ ДОГОВОР) (без заполненного и подписанного лицензионного договора статья для рассмотрения и публикации приниматься не будет)

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R.A. MANGUSHEV, Corresponding Member of RAACS, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), (, I.P. DIAKONOV, Engineer (, L.N. KONDRAT'EVA, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (4, 2-ya Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, 190005, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Limits of Practical Application of «Fundex» Piles under Conditions of Weak Soils Basic principles of field tests of screwed piles with a lost shoe under conditions of weak soils and the existing development of Saint-Petersburg are described. The authors studied the stress-strain state of soils and also bearing capacity of the pile material. Both factors were considered with due regard for the manufacturing technology and design features of the working body which was used for well-drilling. The stress-strain state was evaluated quantitatively with the help of the method of cone penetration test. The main conclusion of this evaluation is the determination of sizes of the zone of pile influence on the surrounding soil array; the level of reducing soils characteristics after pile installation was also obtained. The bearing capacity of the pile material is assessed by observation of defects of the pile shaft. An analysis of the influence of the concreting method by the method of free dropping on the concrete mix disintegration is presented. In the process of destroying test of the concrete samples drilled out of the body of the ready pile, changes in its strength along the height were analyzed. Recommendations on the control over the fabrication quality, preliminary assessment of the risk of defects appearance and as well as the impact of the pile field on the surrounding development are presented.

Keywords: «Fundex» piles, bearing capacity, defects of cast-in-situ bored piles, technological effect.

For citation: Mangushev R.A., Diakonov I.P., Kondrat’eva L.N. Limits of practical application of «Fundex» piles under conditions of weak soils. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 3–8. (In Russian).
S.S. ZUEV 1 , Deputy Director (; O.A. MAKOVETSKY 2 , Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)
1 OAO “New Ground” (35, Kronshtadskay Street, 614081, Perm. Russian Federation)
2 Perm National Research Polytechnic University (29, Komsomolsky Prosoect, 614019, Perm. Russian Federation)

Evaluation of Value of Technological Deformations when Arranging Soil-Concrete Elements Works for construction of underground parts of buildings and structures with the use of jet cementation is necessary to conduct with due regard for possible development of technological settlements of the base. The main method for control over the development of technological settlements is geodesic and hardware monitoring. The article presents the experimental data of the monitoring of technological settlements in characteristic geotechnical situations and conducts the analysis of the dynamic of their development.

Keywords: jet cementation of soil, technological settlements, geodesic monitoring.

For citation: Zuev S.S., Makovetsky O.A. Evaluation of value of technological deformations when arranging soil-concrete elements. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 9–12. (In Russian).
I.V. NIKONOROVA 1 , Candidate of Sciences (Geografic) N.S. SOKOLOV 1,2 , Candidate of Sciences (Engineering) (, Director
1 Chuvash State University Named After I.N. Ulyanov (15, Moskovsky Avenue, Cheboksary, 428015, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation)
2 OOO PPF «FORST» (109a, Kalinina Street, Cheboksary, 428000, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation) Construction and Territorial Development of Landslide Slopes of the Cheboksary Water Reservoir The problems of construction and territorial development of landslide-dangerous slopes are quite complex and require the solution of many issues of sustainable development and rational nature management. Uncontrolled construction with insufficient account of the geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions of the territory, the increased technogenic impact on sloping surfaces in the face of growing urbanization led to the emergence of serious problems and emergency situations on the coasts of many Volgas reservoirs, including the Cheboksary Reservoir, in the Cheboksary City District and adjacent areas Territories of Chuvashia. The article is devoted to the substantiation of the possibility of rational construction development of landslide-dangerous slopes of the Cheboksary water reservoir (LDS ChR) to provide the population of the Chuvash Republic with qualitative objects of capital construction, social and industrial infrastructure.

Keywords: landslide slope, landscape, wall of disruption, reservoir, capital construction, anti-landslide measures, flight augering piles-EDT, soil anchors.

For citation: Nikonorova I.V., Sokolov N.S. Construction and territorial development of landslide slopes of the Cheboksary water reservoir. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 13–19. (In Russian).
I.V. MANIAKHIN, Specialist, ( Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (4, 2-ya Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, 190005, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Design Forecast of Influence of Atmospheric Precipitation Infiltration on Stability of Slopes Formed by Gravel-Clay Soils The forecast of changes in humidity conditions of soils during the year (the depth of humidification and coefficient of water saturation were determined) for slopes, which have formed by gravel-clay soils, after cut is made; the dependence of the change in the amount of infiltration on the atmospheric precipitation and the change in the degree of water saturation (Sr) on the infiltration are obtained for disperse soils. The influence of atmospheric precipitation on the stability of slopes (the series of numerical calculations of the slope stability were made) is considered.

Keywords: stability factor, infiltration of atmospheric precipitation, degree of water saturation, numerical calculation of stability.

For citation: Maniakhin I.V. Design forecast of influence of atmospheric precipitation infiltration on stability of slopes formed by gravel-clay soils. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 20–24. (In Russian).
N.S. SOKOLOV 1,2 , Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Director (
1 OOO PPF «FORST» (109a, Kalinina Street, Cheboksary, 428000, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation)
2 Chuvash State University Named After I.N. Ulyanov (15, Moskovsky Avenue, Cheboksary, 428015, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation) Foundation of Increased Bearing Capacity Constructed with Use of Bored-Injection Edt-Piles with Multiple Enlargements Construction of foundations with increased values of bearing capacity is an objective of a current interest of modern geotechnical construction. It is especially in demand during construction of objects in constrained conditions and high-rise structures. There are a lot of frequent cases when using of boring piles is impractical due to technical and economics considerations. In that case bored-injection EDT-piles with multiple enlargements are highly in-demand. Keywords: bearing capacity, boring pile, grillage, EDT-piles, multiple enlargements, injections.

For citation: Sokolov N.S. Foundation of increased bearing capacity constructed with use of bored-injection edt-piles with multiple enlargements. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 25–28. (In Russian).
I.A. SALMIN, Engineer ( OOO “InzhProektStroy” (34, office 105, Komsomolsky Prospect, P.O.B. 91, 614000, Perm, Russian Federation)

Monitoring of the Enclosing Structure of a Deep Pit The article presents an experience in optimization of the design solution of enclosing the pit of 14.4 m depth. The monitoring of moving of the pit enclosing by two methods shows comparable results (moving during the process of excavation of the pit and its further operation didn’t exceed 16 mm). Monitoring the readings of force sensors has made it possible to conclude that the effects of creep of the anchor root are absent and the stresses in anchors were significantly lesser that obtained according to the calculation. Low values of stresses in anchors are due to the low values of displacement of the excavation fence. Monitoring systems are an important instrument for obtaining factual information about the enclosing conditions during the process of pit excavation as well as its further operation.

Keywords: monitoring, pit enclosing, inclinometer, force sensor, GeoWall, Alterra, underground construction, anchor.

For citation: Salmin I.A. Monitoring of the enclosing structure of a deep pit. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 29–33. (In Russian).
О.S. GLOZMAN 1,2 , Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Adviser RAACS (
1 Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) (11/4, bldg. 1, structure 4, Rozhdestvenka Street, 107031, Moscow, Russian Federation)
2 RAACS (24, bldg.1, 107031, Bol’shaya Dmitrovka Street, Moscow, Russian Federation

Definition of Classification and Typology of the City Underground Infrastructural Zone The article focuses on the issue of including city underground spaces in the land use and site development regulations. The rules of land use and site development are based on the functional zoning of underground spaces. Previously it was shown that the city underground spaces can be classified into four categories: infrastructural, scientific and production, public, auxiliary. These four categories make up the typology of the city underground spaces. This work presents the author created classification of the city underground spaces of the infrastructural type which is based on the global experience of the underground development of the territory. This classification provides a means for allocating areas, defining ways of possible land use and creating urban development protocols for city underground spaces using city zoning document system. In order to simplify the use of the classification the article features different categories that fall into the classification as well as the examples that illustrate each category.

Keywords: urban planning, geo-urban planning, underground space, master plan, functional zoning, territorial planning, rules of land use and development, territorial zones.

For citation: Glozman О.S. Definition of classification and typology of the city underground infrastructural zone. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construc- tion]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 35–39. (In Russian).
Complex Development of Territory at Housing Cooperative (HC) «Nekrasovka» in Moscow (Information). . . . . . 40
I.L. KIEVSKY, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), General Director (, V.O. PETRUKHIN, Engineer of the department of computer-aided design, O.A. VOLOKHINA, Engineer of the department of computer-aided design OOO NPTS «Razvitie Goroda» (Structure 3, 19, Mira Avenue, 129090, Moscow, Russian Federation)

Information-Analytical Support of the «My Street» Program on the Example of Repair of Building Facades on Landscaped Streets Features of the realization of the sub-program “Landscaping of streets and public spaces “My Street” are considered. The structure of works for landscaping streets which includes vertical surfaces, engineering networks, transport-pedestrian network, small architectural forms, and pedestrian infrastructure, greening has been determined. The article presents such stages of preparation and execution of works for repair of building facades on landscaping streets as a preparatory one, determination of procedural nomenclature and distribution of responsibility, determination and approval of times of installation and construction works, and a final one (summing up). Structural schemes of these stages are presented. A practical experience in coordination of works for facade repair is generalized. The content of the “information-analytical support” concept is opened. Main measures of the information-analytical activity are determined; they are preparation of cartographic materials, photo-monitoring, information-cartographic control. The system of information-cartographic control is described. Conclusions about the necessity of information-analytical support for management activity when realizing town-planning programs are made.

Keywords: improvement, information application, control and coordination of progress of work execution, facades of buildings.

For citation: Kievsky I.L., Petrukhin V.O., Volokhina O.A. Information-analytical support of the «My Street» program on the example of repair of building facades on landscaped streets. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2017. No. 9, pp. 42–47. (In Russian).
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