Zhilishchnoe Stroitel'stvo №12

Zhilishchnoe Stroitel'stvo №12
December, 2013

Table of contents

the Method of improving bearing capacity external three-layer wall panels
method of increasing the bearing capacity of three-layer external wall panels with changes in the boundary conditions at the horizontal ends of the device of the ledges (ridges) on the part the inner face of the carrier layer. After installation, the grooves between the slab and the slab is necessary mo to seal low-grade solution. These benches can be used for the device of a hidden electro transaction. Ledges allow you to reduce shear and bending forces in the links between layers, stretch ing efforts in the outer layers, increase the carrying capacity of wall panels without increasing consumption materials and financial costs.

Keywords: eccentricity, contractcentral, the width of the platform bearing floor slab, the increasing carrying capacity of panels, three-layer external wall panel, the width of the mortar joints stress concentration on primarnih sections of the bearing layers of the wall panels, reinforcement at the reference sites and mortar joints, load capacity platform interface, connections, ledge, groove.

S.V. VAVRENYUK, Corresponding Member of RAACS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, V.P. RUDAKOV, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Far-Eastern Research, Design and Technology Institute for Construction (DalNIIS) of RAACS (Vladivostok)

Results of the study and field observations of the behavior of cellular concrete in enclosing structures operated under climatic conditions of the south of the Pacific coast are presented. It is shown that the wide complex of study of cellular concretes under real conditions of operation and development of reliable protection of heat insulating concrete against damping are needed.

Keywords: cellular concrete, monsoon climate, humidity, enclosing structures, monolithic foam concrete.

A.L. NAUMOV, Candidate of Technical Sciences, General Director, D.V. KAPKO, engineer, OOO “NPO TERMEK” (Moscow)

Advantages of the use of floor heating and cooling systems are presented. Authors have developed an experimental sample of a heat-cool-accumulating system for floor heating and cooling, technical characteristics of which are presented in the article. The system significantly differs from modern analogues: the floor heating and cooling system includes two contours (accumulating and quick-response) with possibility of circulation of heating-cooling agents between them. The developed innovative model of the accumulating system makes it possible to increase the intensity of heat-cooling output from the floor into the premise and intensify the “charging” of the floor massif with heat or cold in the night time.

Keywords: floor heating, floor cooling, accumulating contour, quick-response contour, experimental sample, energy efficiency.

K.V. KIVVA, Candidate of Geographic Sciences, Central Research and Design Institute for Town-Planning (TSNIIPgradostroitelstva) of RAACS (Moscow)

Basic regional problems of town-planning safety of Russia are considered. In doing so, the proposals of conceptual character aimed at enhancing the safety of cities and urban settlements including by improving the system of territorial management and planning of town-planning activity are made.

Keywords: town-planning safety, documents of territorial planning, risk factors, characteristic time, risk-concept.

P.D. ARLENINOV, engineer, A.A. Gvozdev NIIZhB (Moscow)

Main reasons and a brief history of floods in the Amur Oblast are presented. The most common damages to the bearing structures of low-rise buildings are described. It is shown that the main damages are the washout of soil in the cellar with collapse of retaining walls, soaking of walls, wetting and swelling of soil, increased humidity. It is noted that after flood it is impossible to evaluate the damage to the house only by the level of water.

Keywords: flood, high water, dwelling houses, damages, defects, impounding, deformation, bulging, cracks, subsidence, deflections.

O.S. SUBBOTIN, Candidate of Architecture, Honorary Architect of Russia, Corresponding Member of International Academy of Architecture (, Kuban State Agrarian University (Krasnodar)

On the basis of cultural-historical continuity of Novorossiysk its architectural-town-planning culture is considered. The attention is accentuated on various factors favouring the town-planning development of this city. Main monuments of historical-architectural heritage are sorted out.

Keywords: heritage, tradition, town-planning culture, development, monument, Novorossiysk, fortification, bay, landscape.

V.E. ABRAMOV, Doctor of Technical Sciences, L.I. AMINOVA, Candidate of Technical Sciences, O.V. DOBUDKO, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Far-Eastern Research, Design and Technology Institute for Construction (DalNIIS) of RAACS (Vladivostok)

It is proposed to introduce the notion of «composite soils», which includes natural and artificial mixtures of clay soils with rocky macro-fragmental inclusions and macro-fragmental soils with a clay aggregate. The analysis of the distribution of composite soils in the South of the Far East of Russia is made.

Keywords: composite soils, territory of the South of the Far East, soil characteristic

A.V. GRANOVSKY, Candidate of Technical Sciences, V.A. Kucherenko Central Scientific Research Institute for Building Structures (TSNIISK); E.I. BERESTENKO(, Master (technique and technology in the field of construction), Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Moscow)

The experimental data on durability of stonework from large-size, multi-hollow (over 40%) ceramic stones on adhesive solution of RK mark and cement mortar of M100 mark at axial tension are presented. These design characteristics of stonework can be recommended for inclusion in the valid Norms in the course of designing the walls from large-size multi-hollow ceramic stones on adhesive solution and cement mortar.

Keywords: large-size multi-hollow ceramic stones, solidity of stonework, durability of stonework at axial tension, adhesive mixture, cement mortar.

Yu.A. KHOKHLOV, Candidate of Technical Sciences, A.G. KRYNIN, P.P. KISLYAKOV, engineers, G.Yu. YURKOV, Doctor of Technical Sciences, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials ("VIAM" FSUE)

A calculation model of passing the radio waves through the multiple glass unit in approximation of transmission of the flat linearly polarized monochromatic wave in the layered medium with variable dielectric permeability with due regard for interference effects is considered. Calculation values of coefficients of transmission and reflection of electromagnetic radiation of one- and two chamber multiple glass panes with transparent electro-conducting coatings for operating bands of wireless means of communication are presented. The possibility to design the multiple glass unit absorbing radio waves is shown.

Keywords: multiple glass unit, radio-frequency radiation, transparent electro-conducting coating.

S.V. VAVRENYUK, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of RAACS, G.A. KORABLEVA, Candidate of Technical Sciences, O.V. STARIKOVA, engineer, Far-Eastern Research, Design and Technology Institute for Construction (DalNIIS) of RAACS (Vladivostok)

The method of treatment of the burnt rock for producing the filler for a concrete mix which includes the following technological operation: crushing of burnt rock, screening with separation of sand and crushed rock fractions and supply to the concrete mixer as the filler for concrete mix is presented. This method favours the reduction of content of detrimental compounds and organic admixtures in the filler and makes it possible to optimize the composition of concrete mixes for moulding of construction products with specified physico-mechanical and thermotechnical properties. The lot of wall stones corresponding to requirements of GOST was manufactured at the factory.

Keywords: burnt rocks, enclosing structures, filler, semi-dry vibrocompression, frost resistance.

V.S. BELYAEV, Candidate of Technical Sciences, “Central Scientific, Research and Design Institute for Residential and Public Buildings” OAO (TSNIIEPzhilishcha)

Technical solutions and investigations of ventilated windows in the climatic chamber at two-dimensional filtration of air with effect of recuperation both of transmission and ventilation heat are presented. Design solutions of ventilated windows NORT-2 with doubled air movement which make it possible not only to save transmission and ventilation heat, but insure the required air flow in the room, have been developed.

Keywords: transmission heat, ventilation heat, recuperation, heat capacity, air density.
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