Themes of articles in the journal “Stroitel’nye Materialy”®

Gypsum building materials
Legislative base of construction
Personnel for the industry
Ceramic building materials
Claydite and claydite concrete: science and practice
Roof and waterproofing
Materials for road construction
Materials and structures
Materials and technologies
Monolithic construction
Non-metallic building materials
Normative base of the industry
General issues of construction
Organization of construction works
Industry under present economic conditions
Foam Glass: science and practice
Fire safety of construction materials
Results of scientific research
Silicate building materials
Modern concretes: science and practice
Raw materials base of the industry
Heat protection of buildings
Technologies and equipment
Technology of lime manufacture
Cellular concrete: science and practice
As a matter for discussion
Reports of the Academic reading “Actual issues of building physics”
Reports of the International conference “Nanotechnologies in construction”
Annual session of the general meeting of RAACS
Materials of the International Conference "Enhancement of efficiency in manufacturing and application of gypsum materials"
Persons of the industry whose jubilees are celebrated
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